Transforming Thai Nguyen into a thriving hub of innovation and industry

Thai Nguyen plans to develop 11 industrial parks, 1 IT park, 41 industrial clusters and 13 golf courses to become the leading high-tech industrial center in the Vietnam.

The key focus of industrial development in the North

The Prime Minister has approved Decision No. 222/QD-TTg on the Thai Nguyen province’s plan for the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050. The plan aims to utilize all potential, advantages, and resources to rapidly, comprehensively, and sustainably develop Thai Nguyen into a peaceful, prosperous, friendly province and one of the developing localities in the North.

The planning scope of Thai Nguyen includes the entire province with a natural area of 352,196 ha, with 09 administrative units including 03 cities (Thai Nguyen, Song Cong, Pho Yen) and 06 districts (Dinh Hoa, Vo Nhai, Phu Luong, Dong Hy, Dai Tu, Phu Binh).

During the period 2021-2030, Thai Nguyen province will develop and expand 11 industrial parks and 1 concentrated information technology (IT) park, develop 41 industrial clusters, plan comprehensive and leisure resorts, and entertainment areas, including 13 golf courses.

Regarding the economy, the province strives for a GDP growth rate of about 8% to 8.5% per year, an economic scale of around USD 13.5 billion, and a total social investment capital of about USD 45 billion for the period 2021-2030.

By 2025, Thai Nguyen will become a modern and intelligent industrial economic center for the Northeast and North Central Coast and the Capital Region of Hanoi.

By 2030, Thai Nguyen province aims to be one of the centers of high-level production of electricity, electronics, and mechanical engineering; a center for education and training of high-quality human resources, research, and application of high technology in production; a center for healthcare; a tourism center; a digital transformation center; and develop Thai Nguyen City into an important growth pole for the economic development of the Northeast and the Capital Region surrounding Hanoi.

Looking forward to 2050, Thai Nguyen will meet the standards to become a centrally-administered, green, intelligent city; a modern industrial center of the North and the whole country.

Accelerating Development

To achieve the aforementioned goals, the province of Thai Nguyen has implemented breakthrough solutions to develop its economy and society. Among them, infrastructure development in the southern region of the province is a top priority, including the implementation of the Ring Road nubmer 5 highway plan, upgrading and renovating existing provincial roads, developing new routes, upgrading and constructing 15 district roads to meet at least the third-class road standard with two lanes, etc.

At the same time, the province also prioritizes investment in land clearance to attract investors, develop transportation infrastructure, industrial parks, clusters, urban areas, and services that are closely linked to the development of the Hanoi capital region.

Thai Nguyen is implementing solutions for comprehensive infrastructure and transportation development.
Thai Nguyen is implementing solutions for comprehensive infrastructure and transportation development.

The power supply system, water supply system, and modern, safe irrigation infrastructure are synchronized and fully meet production and daily needs. The infrastructure of industrial parks, clusters, urban areas, and residential areas is synchronized. Information and communication infrastructure and modern, safe digital infrastructure are being built and developed.

The province is promoting digital transformation, building a digital government, developing a digital economy and society, and promoting production and business activities in the direction of applying digital technology. It is also forming digital technology enterprises that are competitive in the market.

Thai Nguyen is enhancing the capacity and effectiveness of the public administrative system at all levels, promoting administrative reform towards the satisfaction of citizens and businesses, and focusing on improving professional skills for officials and civil servants, especially in terms of ethics and duty.

The province is also paying attention to the development of local human resources, attracting high-quality human resources, and promoting the advantages, achievements, and opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution associated with the potential and strengths of universities, research centers, and healthcare on the province’s territory.

It can be seen that the provincial plan for Thai Nguyen for the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050, once approved, will open up many new opportunities and motivations to unlock and maximize the potential and advantages of Thai Nguyen province, attracting domestic resources as well as a surge of FDI to create a strong momentum for growth in the coming years.

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